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A CCTV (closed circuit TV) system is the first stepping-stone to securing your property and is a fantastic deterrent whether your protecting your family home or business. With a professional CCTV system installed it would help to prevent theft or vandalism which can be a dreadful ordeal and is very useful in providing the police with viable evidence.


WIRELESS CAMERAS are becoming more common with the progress of wireless devices. There is nothing better than having a tidy job with no wires, since wireless technology is at its best it is no wonder people are going down that route. And the cameras come in all shapes and sizes from a standard dome/turret or bullet camera. A smart wireless doorbell with HD video and speaker phone which allows you to speak to people at your door when you are not in.


A WIRED CAMERA SYSTEM with a DVR (digital video recorder) is the most reliable CCTV system since it doesn’t rely on a Wi-Fi router to work as a wireless camera does, it will record 24/7 without missing a beat. In the modern age you can do so much more than just recording. With motion detection, smart detect, blur out certain parts of the video so your neighbour can still have their privacy. A barrier line can be created, this simple but affective function allows you to monitor the comings and goings of people whether it’s your business or your home. Lastly you can watch and control your camera system through your phone anywhere in the world, all you need to do is download the app and you will be set up in minutes, you can even talk through your camera with the app as well.


MORE ADVANCED CCTV SYSTEMS involve PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras and integration with an alarm system. The PTZ is most useful when monitoring a wide vicinity like a construction yard, car park, school yard or a supermarket to give a few examples and has the same capabilities and more than the standard camera. Firstly, you can control the cameras movement manually and even program the PTZ to sweep an area, by controlling how many waypoints it has, when to zoom in and out and how fast you would like it to move between waypoints. You can also program the camera to stop, swivel and zoom into an area, like when you have an alarm door contact connected to your system. When the door opens the camera will record anyone leaving or entering the area. The same principle can be used to scan licences plates on cars when they enter car parks using sensors at the entrance. With regard to alarm systems I’m able to integrate the two together so for instance if a sensor is activated and the alarm goes off your camera will turn on and start recording adding another layer of control.


An interesting fact!

The best quality isn’t always the best for a job and can save you money. For example, an 8mp (4k megapixel) camera will give you a fantastic picture but is wasted unless it’s recording a large area or longer distances because if you need to zoom in the video feed will still be amazing. So a 2mp (1080p) camera would be just as competent in recording smaller areas and be more cost effective for yourself than using an 8mp camera.

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